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Deposition often happens where a river channel enters the still water of a lake or the sea. If sediment is deposited faster than it is carried away, it builds up and forms a raised area called a delta . If the river water has a higher density than the surface of the receiving water, the river water will plunge below the surface. Learn more. Definition of river mouth in the dictionary. Water motion. Information and translations of river mouth in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Lagan: Irish meaning "river of the low-lying district" Llobregat: from Latin Rubricatus "red river" Mersey: Anglo Saxon meaning "boundary river" Narva: Veps after "rapid" or "falls" Quoile: Irish meaning "the narrow" Rhine: from the archaic German Rhine, which in turn comes from Middle High German: Rin, from the Proto-Indo-European root *reie-("to flow, run"). A river can flow into a lake, sea or into an ocean. Confluence; River delta; Estuary; Liman An opening, especially: (noun) The opening through which an animal takes in food; specif., the cavity, or the entire structure, in the head of any of the higher animals which contains the teeth and tongue and through which sounds are uttered. the leisure to walk about sweetly . From Middle English mouth, from Old English mūþ (“mouth, opening, door, gate”), from Proto-Germanic *munþaz (“mouth”), from Proto-Indo-European *ment- (“to chew; jaw, mouth”). Cognate with Scots mooth (“mouth”), North Frisian müd, müth, müss (“mouth”), West Frisian mûn (“mouth”), Dutch mond (“mouth”), muide (“river mouth”) and mui (“riptide”), German Mund (“mouth”), Swedish mun (“mouth”), Norwegian munn (“mouth”), … RIVER. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the river mouth crossword clue. It is not easy to define the limits of the estuary, although physically the head of Sea Reach, near Canvey Island on the Essex shore is probably the western boundary. mouth definition: 1. the opening in the face of a person or animal, consisting of the lips and the space between…. they are light. A river mouth is the part of a river where the river debouches into another river, a lake, a reservoir, a sea, or an ocean. Define River mouth. He seems to be the "mouth of the river" himself. / Harder than a For example, the mouth of the Mississippi River is on the Gulf of Mexico coast south of New Orleans. “Rivers in Your Mouth” is a song in which Ben Howard is imploring the addressee not to be so loose with his or her tongue. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. River-mouth areas are important repositories for material entering the ocean, due to the combination of high supply rates and intense transformation processes. When this occurs, a river is said to “meander.” When the land’s slope is steep, the rivers are usually fast, and the substrate is composed of rocks and gravel. 2. The water in a river is usually confined to a channel, made up of a stream bed between banks.In larger rivers there is often also a wider floodplain shaped by flood-waters over-topping the channel.Floodplains may be very wide in relation to the size of the river channel. Information and translations of river mouth in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. What does mouth mean? Many places in the United Kingdom take their names from their positions at the mouths of rivers, such as Plymouth (i.e. n. 1. He also seems to have the "wrath of the giver" as he pours himself into this new environment, but he's al… Alongside these advective transports, inflowing water will also diffuse. [1], At the but of a river, the change in flow condition can cause the river to drop any sediment it is carrying. What does river mouth mean? The opposite end of the river is called the headwaters or the source; however, the headwaters are often formed by several discreet sources that all occur in the same general area. River-mouth definition: an estuary | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The source of a river is usually at a much higher elevation than the mouth. These areas are called estuaries, and they are often important rearing grounds for marine life. How do you use river channel in a sentence? ‘The mouth of the river dumps into Moreton Bay and the Pacific Ocean in northeastern Australia.’ ‘The coastal boundary cuts across the mouths of all rivers and streams.’ ‘In winter, the Mew Gull inhabits coastal waters, and is commonly found in estuaries, river …

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