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Everyone loves trees until the tree of your neighbour’s leaves fall off or its roots start to encroach on other areas of your garden or even worse – your home’s foundations. Trees can also shed all sorts of debris onto neighboring roofs, cars, and people. But we understand that while fences may make good neighbors, a tree that’s actually causing property damage can definitely make for a tense situation. In most situations, a neighbor who is bothered or worried by encroaching branches or roots of a healthy tree won't be able to successfully sue the tree … It’s always going to be better to … The tree was 99% on our property but the trunk did protrude slightly onto the neighbours property. If they do damage your property, your neighbour may be liable. Learn more about conflicts with neighbors, trees, property, real estate, property lines, damage, and other legal topics at FindLaw's Real Estate section. What Can You Do About Your Neighbour's Trees & Plants Causing Damage & Discomfort To You? However, if the fallen tree or limb is because of homeowner neglect, then there is a legal cause for damages and recovery. In the opposite case—a tree from your yard causes damage to the property next door—it’s up to your neighbor to put in a claim with his or her insurer. Furthermore, there is a significant difference of opinion with regard to the issue of foreseeability in Khan v Kane, and in the Court of Appeal decision in Berent v Family Mosaic Housing, 2012 WL 2500538 (2012). If you have large trees close to your property, during the recent hot weather you might have enjoyed the shade they cast, but their proximity could spell trouble, particularly if you live in London or another area with clay soil. Use our free legal tool to … As a result, the recent hot weather, and predicted increases in temperatures generally, could give rise to increasing numbers of such claims. But there are ways. There was zero consultation. 161, 371 P.3d 544 (Div. Every homeowner is responsible for the debris that falls into their yard whether or not the tree is on their property line or the neighbor’s. Kidding aside, this really isn’t your problem. There are a number of things you can do if your neighbour’s tree is affecting you in this way; however, if possible you should always talk about a solution with your neighbour as a first step. Finally, if the cause of the damage to your property is the fault of a neighbor, for example, if a neighbors tree fell on your property or home, your insurance company may make you pay the deductible at first but may try and get the deductible back from your neighbor to reimburse you. They discovered tree roots as the culprit. If a tree falls across property lines then it may also fall across power lines that separate your yard from your neighbor’s yard. How Far Should Tree Branches Be From The Roof. This is typically seasonal, with expansion during the wetter winter months and shrinkage during summer. Refer to the Fences Act[1] for the general obligations on people to pay for damaging a boundary fence. Our aim is to protect our staff and clients during these difficult times, and to ensure we can deliver our services as near normal as usual. For instance, large trees that hang over a neighbor's fence may pose a risk of injury or property damage, while trees that aren't trimmed properly can block a neighbor… 2.16 Encroachment of branches or tree roots is the most common cause of tree-related impacts on neighbouring property that are reported in cases brought before a court. If that has happened, your neighbor could be required to remove the tree. Just about everyone enjoys trees and other landscaping features, but they can sometimes cause problems with neighbors. The most dramatic and obvious example is a tree that is felled during a storm and falls on your house or a vehicle parked in the garage or driveway. Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution. tree belongs to both neighbors in common as long as the point at which the tree grows out of the ground lies on both sides of a property line. If the fallen tree or limbs were the fault of a natural occurrence or an Act of God, the property owner is not generally held responsible for the damage. Q. In Berent, the Court of Appeal upheld the lower Court’s finding that damage caused by tree roots could not have been reasonably foreseeable before the Claimant had put the Defendants on notice of the damage. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (443824). Liability for damage caused by tree roots. Removal of tree roots Legal implications of removing encroaching tree roots. For the most part, your own homeowners insurance will typically cover the costs of any repairs, as well as costs for removing the tree and any related property damage. What are the signs my property is suffering tree root damage? If your neighbor or someone else cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree on your property without your permission, that person is required to compensate you (the tree owner) for your loss. These include questions you may have about the services we cover, our team of solicitors, legal fees and more. However, where the roots of a tree encroach on land owned or occupied by you, you are entitled to chop back the roots to the boundary line. Roots are at root of problem with neighbor. In most states, if a tree falls during a severe storm and damages another property, the tree's owner isn't liable. Trees can also shed all sorts of debris onto neighboring roofs, cars, and people. Home - News & Events If you have large trees close to your property, during the recent hot weather you might have enjoyed the shade they cast, but their proximity could spell trouble, particularly if you live in … If an owner plants trees near the border of his neighbour’s property the owner must ensure that the border is not affected by overhanging branches, fallen leaves or intruding roots. Category Legal Information. How might a tree damage a neighboring property? Even if the neighbors construct a fence or boundary over the middle of the tree, the entire tree still belongs to both neighbors in common. Therefore, it seems that claims seeking to rely on Khan v Kane should be assessed on the basis of the specific fact of those individual cases. However, he also concluded that it was not reasonably foreseeable that an oak tree, a particularly thirsty species, of some 25 to 30 meters in height but located 10 meters away, presented such a risk. If the burden is greater than the risk of harm, a court will probably not find that the neighbor had a duty to inspect the tree. Inexpensive Tree Care prides itself on providing our customers with the best possible tree service in the industry. Although we have had to close our office, our IT department has worked tirelessly to ensure that our staff are working remotely within a secure framework. Therefore, if you have sustained damage from a tree, you should immediately advise your insurance agent. To help alleviate this, Bishop & Sewell have prepared a live newsletter addressing many of the queries you and others you know will have. What are our rights? In particular, the location of the subject tree relative to the property in question, whether the tree is a particularly thirsty species, and its overall height. The oak tree did not have “any particular feature” that “would put a reasonably prudent landowner on notice”. My mom complained about tree to adjacent property owner many years ago indicating it was to close to block wall (right next to it) and was ignored. Get in touch with Inexpensive Tree Care in Portland today if you have any questions. Some trees can be valued at more than $4,000. It is of note that this finding was made after considering the specific knowledge that a Local Authority would have had in light of the resources available to it (i.e. Laws vary somewhat but most states say that if the roots of a homeowner’s tree damages a neighbor’s drive or home, then that’s the n… Whether you are liable for damages to your neighbor's property caused by the spreading roots of a tree on your property depends on what state you live in. In cases like this, the owner of the tree may be liable for ponying up the dough for tree removal after the property owner files a claim. Trees can become an issue between neighbors if limbs or roots extend beyond the owner's property. Most tree root subsidence disputes between neighbours are dealt with by their insurers, and where the respective insurers are signatories of the ABI Domestic Tree Root Agreement (DTRA) claims are, in practice, not brought. VAT No: 333372670. Here are ways to ease the conflict, as suggested by mediators. Healthy tree root systems may, over time, topple fences and uproot sidewalks, even those that run in front of neighboring properties. For further information please click here. Who Covers Damages Caused By a Neighbor’s Fallen Tree? It’s likely your neighbour is liable for the damages. App. This process can be exacerbated by the action of tress, as they take in moisture through their roots to replace the moisture that evaporates through their foliage, with most moisture being extracted during the spring and summer months when growth rates are at their highest. If you spot a crack in your property and there is a tree close by, and particularly if it is late in the summer, then this could be related to the tree roots. Here's the lowdown on what you must prove to recover for a damaged or destroyed tree, and how much money you can recover. An insurance claim sets in motion a series of legal events in which it is determined who is to pay for the damage from the fallen tree. A question we get asked all the time is: What can I do about a neighbor’s tree damaging my property? The shrinking and swelling of the soil can cause movement and damage to buildings, known as subsidence. With the escalation of COVID – 19 affecting our everyday lives, we have taken urgent steps to ensure that all the services we provide remain available to our clients and referrers. The result of Khan v Kane is that landowners should be aware that they could be liable for damage caused by their trees, even if they themselves do not think there is any risk, and they should seek the advice of a specialist to determine any risk. Learn more about this in the section on subrogation below. It is his, and his complaint seems suspiciously reinforced by the reputation that precedes him. Sometimes a tree on one person’s property has roots that extend so far that they damage a fence on the adjacent property. The neighbour one day had a company come in an chop down the tree and remove it over the next day while we were at work. [1] Mustoe v. Ma, 193 Wn. You’ll need to contact your local officials — not to mention your insurance agent — to get to the bottom of who’s at fault and who’s responsible for damages. But there are several more subtle ways in which a tree can damage a neighbor’s property or real estate. We appreciate your interest in our legal services and will do our best to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Claims for damage resulting from tree roots are brought in nuisance rather than trespass, even though the tree roots will be encroaching on the neighbouring land. roots causing damage to your property branches blocking sunlight from solar panels or TV reception. Some trees, such as Willows, Poplars and Oaks have higher water demands than others. Some of these can damage paint jobs and just generally make a mess of the situation. Last week my neighbor discovered damage to her sewer line. The only nuisance we ever had from this tree was regarding its leaves. Neighbour Disputes – am I liable for Tree Root Damage? Roots from my neighbor’s tree have grown under the driveway of my house in Astoria, Queens, causing the asphalt to heave, buckle and crack. The hope is that you and your neighbor can work things out yourselves. 1, April 4, 2016). Property owner’s are often upset when a neighbor’s trees drop leaves, or fruit, or branches, or even limbs onto their property. However, a decision in 2013, Khan and Khan v Harrow Council and Kane, raised doubts about that view. But there are several more subtle ways in which a tree can damage a neighbor’s property or real estate. 18. The message to tree owners, whose trees are adjacent to the boundary line with their neighbor, is that their neighbor can damage their trees so long as the damage takes place on the neighbor’s property. 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A tree belongs to the person who owns the land on which it grows. When it comes to property damage from a neighbor's tree roots, the general rule is that any part of the tree encroaching onto your property is your responsibility, including maintenance. A Neighbor's Tree Damaged My Property By John Stevens ... Courts weight the risk of harm against the burden of inspecting the tree for damage. 19., My Neighbor’s Tree Roots Damaged My Driveway When wayward roots threaten people’s properties, it can be hard to spur the owner to action. I do about my neighbor’s tree roots damaging my ... matter because any seepage could create residual water damage under your property … All our lawyers are contactable on their direct lines, or by email with 1-2-1 or group video conferencing available through Teams, Facetime, Zoom or Skype. Staying up to date on COVID-19 matters which impact you, your employment or your business can be a demanding task. You can make an enquiry by email, completing our online enquiry form or by calling us: © Bishop & Sewell LLP (OC319691). I own a 3.5 story tree that is within 15 feet of the sewer line. Regular tree trimming and semi-regular inspections of your property by certified arborists can help prevent accidents from happening before they occur. Most damage occurs when trees are situated 10 metres or less from a property. Clay soils, because of their structure, are able to absorb moisture, causing them to swell, and they can also give up moisture, causing shrinkage. Where tree roots cause damage to a neighbouring property, the owner of the tree can be liable, under the law of nuisance, for such damage. It’s on her side of the property, but its roots extend into my yard underground. Other damage like roots cracking pipes, foundations or pathways is usually covered under property law. My Neighbor’s Trees & Limbs Damaged My Property. Services However, where the homeowner’s insurer is not a signatory to DTRA, or where the homeowner is not insured, the decision in Khan v Kane gives a green light to insurers to issue claims against homeowners for damage to neighbouring properties caused by tree roots, even if the homeowner was personally not aware of the risk of damage. Khan v Kane is fact specific, and liability in that case was established on the basis of Mr Justice Ramsey concluding that it was reasonably foreseeable to a prudent landowner that the tree-roots of a 10 meter high cypress hedge located half a meter from the Khan’s property presented a real risk of damage due to the “general risk, the location, size and condition of those trees”, including that “they dominate[d] that side of the property”. It’s likely he made the same assertion to the previous owner who apparently didn’t think to divulge it to you under the disclosure portion on the sales contract, possibly because he wanted to hide the fact or because it had little or no merit. Your Tree, Your Neighbor's Property: Whose Insurance Pays? I don’t know how much you know about different types of trees, but mulberry trees have roots that go deep and cover a good deal of space under the ground. Boundaries and shared (‘party’) walls Disputes about what is the exact boundary between 2 properties … More on Homeowners Insurance For this reason, you may not be able to charge a neighbor for its removal. Healthy tree root systems may, over time, topple fences and uproot sidewalks, even those that run in front of neighboring properties. The law isn’t always as simple as it should be so here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Trees can also drop all sorts of pollen and dust and bugs and bird droppings onto structures, windows, cars, and more. Until 2013 homeowners were not generally considered liable for damage caused in this way by tree roots because they lacked the necessary foresight. The contractor charged over $12K to completely replace the line from the street to the house. If necessary, you can sue to enforce your rights. To see a detailed breakdown of the measures we have taken, click here. This is a good time of year to trim trees that might cause problems, before the start of hurricane season on June 1. If you intentionally cut down or prune a tree and it is later discovered that the tree was on your neighbor’s property, you can be ordered by a court to pay the value of the tree plus up to three times the value of the tree in punitive damages. In addition, the presence of other trees will likely be relevant and, per Berent, it may not be reliable to apply a level of methodology to determine risk. Conflicts involving trees and neighbors are best resolved through communication, but there are laws covering these types of situations. My mom's insurance company will not cover damage and points to that neighboring tree root damage is not covered under policy. If you have noticed subsidence that you think is caused by a tree on neighbouring land, or attached to a ground floor flat if you own upper floors, or if your neighbour alleges that they have suffered subsidence as a result of a tree on your land, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. But, absent some physical damage, California law does not provide any relief for the offended neighbor – unless they can prove the tree was improperly maintained. It was doing zero damage to their property as it was a vacant lot. If you are looking for assistance with regard to a property dispute matter, please contact Rachel directly or another member of our expert Litigation & Dispute Resolution team on or call 020 7631 4141.

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