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Drop shot fishing is usually thought of as a light line, "finesse" technique, and that is the way I usually fish it. The key to tricking the finicky smallmouth is not to overwork the bait. Drop Shot Rig Knot Tying Instructions. I dont use a very expensive reel for this style of fishing. It is always great if you have one tied on if you see a fish underneath your boat or kayak on your electronics. When working a drop shot you want to work it very slowly. You should use this bait with a 1/0 off set worm hook and texas rig the bait on the hook, or nose hook the dream shot on a 1/0 drop shot hook. This is all I use in the summer when I am using the drop shot. This happens often when you are fishing in the thick stuff. A lot of times these are some of the bigger bass. - YouTube The summer is a great time to pull this thing out and catch a lot of smallmouth. For most anglers, nose-hooking a drop shot bait means running the hook from the bottom and out the top of a soft plastic lure near its head or nose end. ). Ryan Coleman won a Bassmaster tournament on Lake Lanier in 2006 on this technique. When you feel that weight you want to lightly and delicately set the hook. That’s why it’s more of a northern-style bait.” Follow the Leader. And if I am on Chickamauga Lake I am going to use a 10-12lb test. Natural colors like shades of pumpkinseed, green pumpkin and watermelon normally work best. We all know how to set the hook!! I first started to use this bait for smallmouth. You want a 7 foot rod with a medium action and a fast action tip. I mainly use soft shad jerkbaits such as Flukes, Bass Assassins and Sluggos. There are, of course, specialized drop-shot baits. These hooks are usually going to be skin hooked right at the top of the fish’s mouth. Hey Guys! A great bait to start with is one I really like for a drop shot is a small finesse worm like the 4.5″ BioSpawn PlasmaTail or a … If you get a fish Stuck in the Brush or Timber. Mastering the art of drop shot fishing is a very important skill that you should develop if you want to be a better angler. I use a 7-foot St. Croix Panfish Series rod to pitch a compact drop-shot rig past the fish and slowly work it into position. Take the bait and pierce it through the nose. Cast the big presentations first and use the drop shot last to get those fish that didn’t commit. Drop Shot Baits. Scroll to see Animated Drop Shot Knot below the illustration and tying instructions. First you will need a 2X or so light wire fishing hook with a turned down eye. Once there, give the rod-tip periodic nervous shakes, so the sinker stays put, but the bait’s little tail quivers like a defenseless invertebrate, inches above bottom. Ok so they like what you have to offer and you are getting bites. This bait is a little bit different then the Dream Shot. The Strike King Dream Shot is a great drop shotting bait. Dust shot comes in sizes No.8 down to No.13, I like to use tens and twelve for on the drop. Believe it or not, a drop shot is something that you can use year-round and catch fish. Simply shake it with a shivering motion. Examples of live bait you could use include minnows, worms, and nightcrawlers. The KVD Drop Shot Half Shell is another great drop shot bait made by Berkley. This Green pumpkin Goby is also one of the best possible colors you can use for smallmouth. We will talk about the hook set later in this article. Shake and pause is the cadence I use. Keep constant tension on the line. | Testing 15 Different Baits! Another approach is to use a longer shank hook and threading the bait on. Again my two favorite colors for the Streak 3.75" are the Smokey Shad and Redbone. Some anglers prefer to use a loaded float, which already has most of it’s shot carrying capacity built in. A drop shot puts the bait right at the bass’ eye level while the weight rests on the bottom. When I'm fishing a Wacky style worm on a drop shot, my favorite hook to use is a size 4, VMC Neko hook. Click that subscribe button to see more of my videos!⬇️MORE DOWN BELOW!⬇️Which one is your favorite? DOWNSIZE!! The bite can be very subtle. If you feel your line with your hand and feel that it is compromised at all then retie. Maybe I will catch a couple of fish and follow up with a swimbait and catch a couple more. However, every time you go to set the hook you come up empty handed. If you shake a Texas rig or a jig, it’s going to rock forward and potentially move out of the strike zone. Longer, worm-like baits like worms or minnows are best for a drop-shot rig because their tails undulate in the water. I do not care where you go in the country Morning Dawn (pink) is a summer time favorite for Bass. Instagram (Fishing/Hunting) - https://www.instagram.com/thepresidentsfish/Instagram (Me!) When those fish won’t commit to those types of offerings you may want to whip out the dreaded drop shot and go to work. If you do not know how to tie that knot check out this VIDEO. So when you are using light line and small light wire hooks you have to use finesse. This will give the bait the most realistic movement in the water. Though most anglers use drop-shots for bass only in deep, clear water, they can be rigged for successful shallow-water fishing. If I am fishing in clear lakes for smallmouth like Lake St. Clair I am going to use a 6lb test Fluorocarbon leader. If line twist becomes a factor after a long day of dropshotting, try tying a small barrel swivel 18 inches or so above the hook. If you look closely on this bait you will notice that it has three distinct edges and a unique crossed tail. My number-one bait to rig on a drop-shot rig is a straight-tail plastic worm like a Strike King Dream Shot that’s flat on one side. Four or six pound test mono or fluorocarbon (I'm currently torn between Maxima Fluorocarbon and Seguar Invisix as to which is the best 6 pound test fluoro for drop shot fishing. The rod is more important than the reel on this set up. Check it out right Here. Today I'm bass fishing with live bait on a drop shot rig. Begin by tying a Palomar Knot with a long tag end. Brent Ehrler was able to design his own rods specifically for his styles of fishing with a drop-shot rig. There are two main reasons why I feel this rig works so well. Make sure you drop on those fish. If you are fishing for smallmouth the drop shot is amazing year-round. If you see the fish suspended you can drop the bait down and watch them follow your bait down to the bottom. When talking about versatile drop shot baits, the Zoom Bait Finesse worm bait is one that fits that description as it can be used in multiple or several fishing applications and one impressive feature of the Zoom Bait Finesse worm bait is its ese style which guarantees effective results especially in situations where fishes don’t bite. Ones that I use in this category include a 4-inch Roboworm, Zoom Meatheads, and XPS drop-shot worms. However, I have found that just about any plastic bass bait works great on a … Using a drop shot rig when fishing for trout is primarily a "finesse" technique that seems to work best when other trout fishing tactics simply aren't producing. Simply pitch the drop shot past the bed about 2-3 feet and let it sink and work it in the bed. In the following steps I will show the methods for tying up the drop shot rig that I use… This is something that you should always have tied on no matter what time of the year it is. Starting with the hardware, Hackney likes a 3/0 to 5/0 Owner Jungle Flipping Hook.The keeper helps keep his larger bait straight and in the perfectly horizontal position necessary for clean hook sets. If you are getting bites but not hooking up! The drop shot technique involves using a special kind of knot to attach the hook so that it sits horizontally in the water column. Alright guys and gals there you have it. Let me know down below! Largemouth bass, Spotted Bass, and smallmouth bass cannot resist a drop shot in their bed. Since a drop-shot suspends instead of hitting the bottom, it’s harder for a fish to locate in dingy water. It's a great finesse technique for targeting deep water bass using light rods, reels and line paired with 3" or 4" baits. You’re Welcome!!! That is a sure-fire way to have some heartbreak when you are on the water. Instead of a shaking motion, try a slow and steady drag with a drop shotted swimbait like the Castaic Super Jerky J, which keeps it close to the bottom at all times. Whether you are casting or vertical dropping you want to move your rod tip very slowly. This is a technique best used to catch fish that bite in the middle of the water column, but not at the top or bottom. Unlike traditional lure and plug fishing, where a plastic or rubber bait is attached to the end of a wire trace before being cast and retrieved, dropshotting sees the lure being presented very differently. Great for finesse, this fishing setup presents a natural look for interested bass. I love this set up for my dropshot fishing. That next bass could be the big one you have been waiting on and you don’t want your line to fail you. (Photo by Dan O’Sullivan) Drop-Shot Pro Tips. - https://www.instagram.com/presidentbobby/Twitter - https://twitter.com/_presidentbobbyTHE BAITS:- Roboworm CurlyTail Worm- Roboworm Fat Strait Tail 4.5\"- Roboworm Strait Tail 6\"- Reins Bubbling Shaker 4\"- Zoom Finesse Worm- Keitech Fat 2.8- Megabass Hazedong Shad- Strike King Half Shell OPT- Strike King Dream Shot - C3 Icepick- Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flatnose Minnow- Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm- Z-Man Trick Shotz 3.5\"- BioSpawn PlasmaTail Worm 4.5\"- Zoom Tiny Fluke Make sure to Follow us on Instagram, Like us on Facebook, and go to our website and get our FREE PDF on Ten Tips for Catching Bass when Fishing is Tough!! Check your line after every catch. The baits used for dropshotting are as varied as our imagination can make them, but most anglers choose a 3-5 inch straight tail or curl tail worm or one of the new dropshot minnows. A dream shot in Green pumpkin is an excellent choice all year for the drop shot. What should I test out next? On Lake Lanier, I like to fish my topwater baits over the brush piles. Drop shot fishing can be a fun addition to your bass fishing repertoire. There are a wide variety of options you can use. With a drop-shot, though, the weight anchors it to the bottom, allowing you to make the bait … This unique actions gives the bass another look and can be a deadly bait … You can catch a couple of fish and you move on. Here is Kevin Van Dam explaining how he ties his dropshot using a Palomar knot. Zoom’s Finesse Worm, Z-Man’s ElaZtec Finesse Wormz, Larew’s Tattletail Worm and Luck-E-Strike’s Con Man worm are also proven drop shot killers. The fish cannot resist it and it is easier for you to see. This Dream Shot is a fatter worm than most other straight-tail worms and features a narrow, tapering tail that’s flat on the end. If you do not know how to tie a Palomar knot watch this VIDEO. I started to use it on my home lake also and they absolutely love it. It’s designed to have more of a darting action that is similar to the way a jerkbait moves. One of them was over Five Pounds. When fishing is tough this may be the only way you can catch them. Your line is light. After that, I will go over the brush piles and use the drop shot to pick off a couple more bass. This is a great option for that. "The fish don't have to follow the bait down to the bottom like they do a drop shot," Palaniuk said. My favorite color’s for this bait are green pumpkin, chartreuse blue glimmer back, and KVD magic. Do not swing the fish on a drop shot either. In the Winter the fish may get in some deep timber in the ditches (especially spotted bass). I personally caught a ton of smallmouth in Lake St. Clair this year on this bait. Dropshot fishing is a finesse presentation. Remember earlier when I talked about downsizing. The rod tip should not move more than a quarter of an inch. This means you have found the fish on your electronics. Drop shot fishing offers lure anglers a highly effective way of targeting smaller predatory species such as perch, zander and pike. Possibly the most subtle pointer was offered by Brandon Palaniuk. Again start off with your weight six inches below the hook as a general rule. Nick the Informative Fisherman here, on behalf of Lucky Tackle Box today, and I get the pleasure to introduce you guys to the Strike King drop-shot half shell. While just about any soft plastic lure can be fished on a drop shot, I go with a Lake Fork Tackle 6-inch Twitch Worm 75% of the time. Sometimes all you will feel is the weight. This worm comes in two sizes – a 4- and a 5-inch. The drop-shot is unique because, with it, you can move your bait without moving the weight. You may see a school of fish, timber with fish, or a brush pile with fish. You need clear water with good visibility to be able to use one effectively. But it is important to ride around the brush pile and look. The reasons for shot. Double 12 to 30 inches of line (depending on how high you want the bait off the bottom) and pass end of loop through eye of hook. The Zoom Z Drop Worm is another great drop shot bait made by Zoom. This is best after you have cast your jigs, swimbaits, spoons, big worms and crankbaits. The selection of plastic baits for drop-shotting is endless. Well, when we are dropshot fishing that is not going to work. After trying a few lures with little success. When the fish are keyed in on baitfish this is an excellent option. When using a dropshot I like to tie a Palomar knot with an extra-long tag end for the weight. I personally caught a ton of smallmouth in Lake St. Clair this year on this bait. A lot of anglers do not even yank they just start reeling. This may be the most important tip so pay close attention. The first reason is a drop shot lets you keep your bait in one place, giving the bass plenty of time to get tempted into biting. All you have to do with these weights is take your tag end and slide them in until it pinches tight. One of them was over Five Pounds. If your drop shot presentation is a baitfish then spray it with Bang Shad Spray. Pro Tip: Sometimes the fish are right in the brush. For Palaniuk, it means bringing the hook from the bottom of the lure and out the nose, not the top. But if you try to do that with a drop shot, especially in cold, clear water situations, the fish will actually key in on the weight. Again, You’re Welcome!! So if you hook up and and get stuck and the fish is still on then Free spool your line. Go past it and when it ends you will usually see some fish hanging out on the edges of the brush pile. If you let any slack in the line at all you will lose the fish 9 times out of 10. For example, Missile Baits’ 3-inch Drop Craw ­features … The design of this setup suspends the bait above the weight, placing your lure at a specific depth in front of your target and off the muddy bottom. Chickamauga Chunks – How to Research a New Lake. And what that is, you have a little bit larger barb, little bit bigger gap. No surprise, the bulked-up drop shot's assignments typically require stouter tackle. Using scent is the difference between catching and not catching a fish. This gives the bait a slow falling presentation that moves in the smallest of current. You are dropping your bait in thick brush which can mess your line up quickly especially if you drag a fish out of it. I feel I get a little bit more hook in the fish if I do a slight yank. For example, when fishing relatively clear water, he prefers Mann’s 4-inch Dragin” Finesse Worm … A lot of time when that line is completely slack the fish will swim themselves out of the brush and you can catch the fish. If I am on Lake Hartwell I am going to use an 8lb test for my dropshot. A drop shot is a great way to stay weedless and catch bass. I would say this is the time of the year where the drop shot will not be needed quite as much. And, not all undulating drop shot baits are worms. DROP SHOT BAIT TEST! I like to use braided fishing line with a fluorocarbon leader  tied with a double uni knot. Many anglers think of swimbaits as a cast and wind bait, but they are also dynamite on a drop shot. Alright here is the moment you have all been waiting for!! If you are fishing for largemouth the fishing may be a little tough but again this is a great way to get those stubborn fish to eat. The ElaZtech is so buoyant it stands out on the drop shot rig. Once you have your drop shot tied up, it's time to select a bait. A lot of times the bass will bite the bait on the pause. Enigma has you covered with this also. I will use the same drop shot presentation with this bait but I go to a smaller # 2 octopus hook. We reel in the slack and we pull as hard as we can and rip lips, right???!!! The drop-shot flat catches fish, anywhere, and every season." Aaron Martens (the GOAT of drop-shotting) has won tons of tournaments on this technique. Take your time with these dropshot fish. This is a great option for all angler’s finesse fishing on a drop shot rig. The rig itself is set up like this. The appeal of the drop-shot bait is lost – the lure appears lifeless.” Like many Western finesse anglers, Parker uses a small, pliable plastic bait on the business end of his drop-shot rig. Another great option is to use this for bed fishing (because it is white). I cannot stress enough how important it is to use scent. Springtime means the bass are going to be in the spawn mode. When the time comes you are ready to dropshot. There are a wide variety of soft plastic baits that will work with the drop shot. Wait until they give up and then land them. A dream shot in Green pumpkin is an excellent choice all year for the drop shot. If you are on a lake like Guntersville or Kentucky Lake you can cast the drop shot on the ledges and work it back to the boat slowly. Do not move it around like you would a texas rig worm. I like to use a BB sized split shot weight because it allows the bait to drop more slowly and naturally and you will often catch a fish as the bait is still dropping to the bottom. "You can just put the Damiki rig right in front of the fish's face. Bait: The last thing you will need to complete your drop shot rig is your bait. With longer baits, the long shank acts like a wand and can make the bait move very enticingly. I love a dropshot for bed fishing. They do an excellent job of imitating bottom feeding baitfish, and their paddle tail creates a super-enticing action when twitched along the bottom. The key is to get all the slack out first or you will snap your light line easily. Sometimes you will not even feel the bite you will just see your whitebait moving or disappear and you will know to set the hook. In the summer you can use the drop shot and fish a vertical presentation over the brush piles. So instead of pulling super hard, we want to reel in our slack until we make contact with the fish and do a very slight yank. Click here to read a guide about drop shot fishing.We dissect the drop shot technique and the many applications for this presentation.

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