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Elements within the environments react procedurally to the audio, combining, to create a powerful, emotional effect ポルシェジャパンは、2021年晩夏に千葉県木更津市に開業する国内初のブランド体験型施設「ポルシェ・エクスペリエンスセンター東京」の詳細を発表した。投資額は約50億円で、複数の … The fruit of over three years of close cooperation between the critically acclaimed … 5- Multi-player VIVE vs MOBILE Veterans of sailing and newcomers alike are invited to discover the relaxation and exploration at Akalana Islands. Make the best of your weapons to gain the victory. Handle weapons with real-life movements, freely explore a post-apocalyptic world, and put your survival skills to the test in VR - putting the undead back to rest is more thrilling than ever before. This is a short but sweet experience featuring VR interpretations of artworks. The command line tool (synthesiscmd.exe) provides an easy way to integrate core SynthesisVR functionalities into third party applications and usage flows. The challenges you face in the factory will become increasingly demanding. Your mission: milk the cow as fast as you can! "The Experiment" is a multiplayer escape room puzzle game for virtual reality or desktop PC! Avoidance is the best strategy, so start moving around your play-space and dodge those bullets! Brought to you by Vertigo Games, the team behind Arizona Sunshine & Skyworld, A Fisherman's Tale is developed by INNERSPACE VR and co-produced by ARTE. A Solution Built By The Owners For The Owners. Key Features in SWORDS of GARGANTUA: Experience the feeling of Baseball Slugger in your home! Mexico City arcology, once the global capital, is the ultimate goal. As you progress through the levels, you'll unlock new weapon parts to take into battle. Your team are being sent in to clean up the mess. Vanquish your enemies with dragons and fireballs! If you do not have this accessory, and would like to order one, please visit our website for more info. Hilarious interaction where your friends will see you moving in real time from their smartphones! You'll go up and down seeing everything around you with our long range vision capabilities! Step into the cockpit of a six-story mech and feel its might at your command! Doesnt matter if youre new or a dance machine play this first. Relive your childhood by building snow forts as you prepare for epic snowball fights! Make name for yourself in regular tournaments Squash Kings is a VR-sport game which you can experience a life-like squash play in virtual reality applied realistic physical ball spinning and movement. *Expansive Level What role do I play in the story? Defend yourself from the forces of Overcorp. Freedive through a sinking ship, overcome underwater chaos, and unlock your path to the surface, all while protecting your most precious resource: the breath in your lungs. Join the Cyberdrifter team, a specialised force tasked with infiltrating systems virtually and terminating all rogue A.I. At the center of this nightmare, the Witching Towers Queen directs the chaos, feeding, and growing stronger. Plank not included is a virtual reality (walk the plank) experience. Doesn’t work at all now. Watch out for traps. You'll need to attack and block 360 degrees of action to survive. Nekrotronic VR is an intensely immersive sci-fi shoot em up. Travel to a distant world pulsing with life in this beautiful VR experience set to music. Now, dragged to her in chains, you seem destined for a worse death than most. Build a bad-ass gun from thousands of combinations then get ready to duck and dodge your way through a shit-ton of bullets in this nostalgic and nerve-wracking VR Bullet Hell shooter for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. (also playable on Oculus Rift). Hang on to your cockpit seat! Game guide:, The game transports players to a world where they can explore,utilize new gadgets and discover fun surprises as they navigate through more difficult game levels. An "escape the room" puzzle game. Hold your breath and dive for answers within a submarine deep below the ocean. It is the most immersive VR journey in zero gravity. Prepare the tastiest meals the fastest you can. Holopoint is pure archery madness. The only thing that can take damage in Blasters is your head. Mystical machines, old family curse and various endings depending on your ways of play. Discover a wealth of wacky uses for VR motion controllers woven through sixteen ridiculous minigames. Experience the power and phenomena of nature at its most glorious by placing you in the heart of the perfect moment. Repeat! Immerse yourself into the Pangman takes you inside a VR classic arcade game experience, where your goal is to burst spheres by using a pair of guns that transform into hooks when you throw them. A fast-paced, and infinitely replayable VR experience, Mad Factory is five minutes of frantic fun for everyone. Our aim is to build world class digital products, platforms and services in India, with a goal of impacting the daily digital lives of 1.3 Billion Indians. * VR RoomSync support. Official selection of the Venice Film Festival. BULLET HELL In SpellPunk VR you will unleash extraordinary powers and turn into a mighty magician who will cast spells by drawing magical symbols in the air with his/hers own hands. Have you ever wished you could have seen ancient Rome at the peak of its glory? Fight against other medieval warriors all around the world! SUPERHOT VR is a title reimagined and redesigned from the ground up for Oculus Rift and Touch hand tracking controllers. Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience with breaktaking visuals and environments. The Fruit Ninja phenomenon continues into the next generation yet again, and the Dojo is ready. Pay attention to the limits of the real world while you enjoy immersive experiences like Final Soccer to ensure you play without risks. Magically enhanced vision will give you a new perspective on the world. Once resistance assault ships are inside, the ultimate battle for the future of humanity is set to begin. Fighting the deadly killing machines will not be easy. (...) It's a really rewarding grind, and a crazy good work out".- The Gamer Every fisherman likes to admire his trophies. Travel across 3 distinct worlds solving gravity defying physics puzzles in over 35 unique levels featuring impossible, otherworldly architecture. The Port of Acre is overtaken. Bears gotta be places too, you know?! More to come! Blasters of the Universe features a 4 level Campaign for you to battle through, each ending with an epic boss battle. Build the world's first SKYTROPOLIS, a vertical mega city where you will balance architecture, economy and sustainability! GORN is a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator, made by Free Lives, the developers of Broforce and Genital Jousting. * Average 10 min sessions are perfect for busy people who just want some quick action Do you have what it takes to obtain the fabled Black Headband? Leaving the safe confines of her village, Clare must decide whether to accept the rules of this harsh society or fight against the oppressive reality of her world. Bend and twist reality in A Fisherman's Tale, the mind-bending VR puzzle adventure game in which being turned upside down and inside out is not merely a play on words. Westworld Awakening is a narrative-driven experience played from the perspective of Kate a host who has attained self-awareness. This game uses arm swings locomotion. (also playable on Oculus Rift). Skyworld combines accessible turn-based strategy and fast-paced real-time battles, all set in intricately animated miniature worlds. Fantastic features include: Join the front lines on the Crystal Asteroid to defend the Milky Way from the endless onslaught of the Mega Bots. - 25 challenges with increasing difficulty. Front Defense: Heroes is a multiplayer VR shooting game set in WWII and can support up to 5 VS 5 online battle. What will you find... and what will you say? Step into AMCs The Walking Dead and prepare for an onslaught of walkers as you assume the roles of your favorite characters from the show, and confront the horrors and humanity of this apocalyptic new world. Skeletons, spirits, mutated creatures, and vicious traps stand in your way. Decide yourself what you want to do with the fish you catch. A modern twist on arcade shooters realized in VR. Your blood has power here, but Blood Magic always attracts monsters even more dangerous than local creatures. Break more than a couple laws of physics in mind-bending VR puzzles! * By design, there's no running away. Adventure? When your radio broadcasts a storm alert, you have to get to the top of the lighthouse and turn on the light! With more content and features to come, Fruit Ninja VR is the most fun you can have in virtual reality! Only you can restore order by DESTROYING YOUR NEIGHBORS WITH SNOWBALLS. Experience the adrenaline of hang gliding in VR! Monster Maze VR is a Halloween theme game with monsters that you can shoot. Radical fanatics are here too. The only thing standing between you and freedom is an automated army of drones led by an unstable sentient robot. My past and future selves are always with me. Put on your headset and find yourself in front of the classic Jumanji game box; open it, and youre transported into a fully interactive 3D jungle. Like in a traditional bullet hell game, the key to success is finding the 'sweet spot' to be in while the onslaught of bullets flies toward you. Contact us to access it including your private ingame lobby and the name of your LBVR visible in the game ! They'll thank you for it later. *Custom Song Support! Meu lets players explore, record and share their moves in a whole new way. This is a prototype accessory. More than your life depends on you breaking out and surviving. Grand in Scale: 100 single player missions, 30 weapons to unlock, and a multiplayer mode rarely seen in VR melee action games. The Great C is over 30 minutes of fully animated, sci-fi adventure, designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of storytelling and cinematic technique in VR. A furious PvP Multiplayer brawl in VR set in the Saloon-iverse of Cowbots and Aliens - free movement, deadly gunplay, multiple competitive modes - all for you. Modular Synthesis In VR Unattainable for many, at least on any large scale, Synthspace is a VR environment for building. Join Cinderella in a family-friendly virtual reality adventure through the classic fairy tale! Plus, DRAGONS! From Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, and Saints Row industry veterans, comes a never-before-seen VR experience. *connection to the Internet is required to play the game in multiplayer mode. Asteroid Blaster VR lets you jump into virtual reality space and start blowing up rocks and UFOs. Wings of Legend is the first person VR game. Grab your bow, arrows, and some friends to fight the enemy onslaught. * No difficulty to learn movement input, no motion sickness, great for beginners Height and speed are your passion. The power, flexibility, and adaptability of this platform in addition with the great support they provide make SynthesisVR our most valuable partner on the LBVR market, Smart management and content licensing solution for your VR Location. BOSS BATTLES A retro 80's VR escape room puzzle adventure! All is fair in love and VR! Coming from all directions, covering both ground and air, each enemy requires different tactical approach. Megalodon fishing transports you to prehistoric age to embark on a quest to catch the ultimate trophy… the Megalodon! The Queen believes you possess a secret that can reshape the world, for good or for ill and shes determined to extract it from you. you can read more on our web site: Clash with other chefs in online or asynchronous multiplayer and climb the leaderboard ladders. A visceral, jetpack-fueled VR Arcade Shooter where you fly through deadly Orbital Arenas in hostile space, facing off in extreme multiplayer battles! -- John Irving OhShape's gameplay will get you moving from the easy levels and, with enough practice, youll be able to beat even the most challenging difficulties. The vault has been broken open, a robbery is on it’s way. Pistol Whip is an unstoppable action-rhythm FPS. Confront the evocative, elegantly brutal world of SUPERHOT VR: Arcade Edition to beat not only the System, but also your own limits, high scores of other players, and the precious time itself. You are trapped deep inside a massive dungeon. Beat Blaster is a VR game with a high-speed component. But the robot riot is just the tip of the space-iceberg that the planet has encountered. The Burning Descent is a furious VR shooter in which up to 4 players battle each other in a quickfire deathmatch taking place in a colossal arena. Something strange is lurking in the swamp and it’s up to you and your friends to investigate. French Version narrated by Jean-Franois Clervoy, ESA astronaut who spent 28 days in space working on the Hubble telescope. Ride the dragon and fly! Are you thirsty for escape? Kill the plants with bowling balls! Downward Spiral: Horus Station is a mysterious and atmospheric zero gravity thriller set in the lost and forgotten Horus Station. Watch out for obstacles! See how the Rome Reborn team of archaeologists and 3D technicians has brought the citys thousands of buildings back to life. *Great immersion feeling: You will feel like you are in the TV show 'Hole in the Wall', but dancing the night or create and shape your own world. NO WAITING TIMES I am made of its energy. - A minimum of 10 hours of gameplay, even for experienced players. Cross-Platform 4 Player Co-Op: With native voice chat, develop strategies, revive downed friendlies, and battle hordes of enemies in order to protect your mana station, and penultimately fight an enormous foe. Perform well and win a pile of Golden Suns to please Grand Sensei, earning the right to enter his temple where overall victory can be claimed in an asymmetric showdown of epic absurdity. Take control of one of the four Legendary Guardians’ and use their unique abilities to fight your way through deadly environments and epic boss fights to make your way to the Archdemon ToR'rac and put an end to his nefarious plot to relocate his hordes to your realm in this magic powered, chaos filled, fireball slinging, hack-and slash adventure! Tomorrow morning, in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of war, you will intercept a cargo train bound for Mexico City, infiltrate deep inside enemy territory and try to bring city defense systems down from the inside. Solidarity, rivalry, cooperation, confrontation: enjoy virtual reality from a new perspective. Dip, dive, swoop and soar as you hunt for prey, weave through jagged rocks and avoid deadly hazards. - Explore the Solar System is a free-roaming exploration of the eight planets that make up our neighborhood in space, along with hundreds of their moons and thousands of comets and asteroids OVERVIEW also includes activities that are regularly improved and updated: OhShape trains your physical and mental agility as well as your reflexes. (also playable on Oculus Rift). There are some items that can be grabbed and carried around. By creating and working with looped recordings of their actions, players must solve increasingly complex physics puzzles in a mysterious setting where notions of space and time no longer apply. Clash of Chefs VR is a delicious cooking game. In this fully immersive application that supports free roaming, the Rome Reborn team is proud to host Beth Harris and Steven Zucker of Smarthistory, who present the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine (also known as the Basilica Nova). Complete 140 story mode levels in individual or cooperative campaign, and enjoy frantic multiplayer games with up to 8 players. Fearless guides brave the challenging, frozen world and lead the group through an experience like no other. Take a break from reality and explore an animated psychedelic sculpture park. Each level introduces a novelty and all the games are different thanks to the intelligent generation of levels. Synth Riders is a fan-favorite freestyle dancing VR rhythm game where the players lose themselves in the incredible music, ride the unique rails system, and can play with up to 10 friends in the multiplayer mode. Ninja Legends was crafted for VR from the ground up and offers a uniquely fast-paced melee combat experience only possible with vr. But you have to be quick: a farmer's life is not as chill as you would think! I’d love to see these new VR enhancements for myself but somehow you’ve managed to completely disable VR mode. Experience the feeling of archery in your home! Do you like to dance? There are two modes of difficulties in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, thanks to which there is something for everyone. In addition to traditional fishing techniques, in Ultimate Fishing Simulator youll also find a winter map where you will be able to go ice fishing! Simplified reloading and focus on close combat modern warfare. Blortasia combines art and flying in virtual reality. Your Game Master will also follow you and will be able to help you. Thar be high-seas mayhem ahead in Battlewake, a rip-roaring vehicular combat game exclusively for virtual reality. Ahoy Famous Pirates and congratulations on finding this beautiful Island! With finesse and ingenuity, a magical lasso will allow you to destroy your enemies with the environment. VR was made for this. FEATURES Mad Factory was conceived, developed and produced entirely in-house in London, UK by The Third Floor Immersive team. *Updated Content: OhShapes community will always have something new to talk about. Alone in Antarctica and under extreme conditions, the youngest French explorer will have to go beyond his limits to reach his goal: the South Pole. Fly freely through a surreal maze of evolving sculptures. The paradise planet plunged into the chaos of war. Using scientific data and featuring spectacular cinematic sequences, this interactive documentary can be enjoyed by people of all ages for education and entertainment. Perfect for birthday parties or company events because the players get to keep the gifs they make and you can even customize a message to add to the gif. Exploring the themes in THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, the Belko VR Escape Room Experiment provokes the question: What does it take to survive at work? * Chain Dart Stunning graphics, epic fights, rich and twisted story in unique steampunk word. - 16 marvellously mad minigames * Massive number of enemies to slaughter, kill them with realistic modern or sci-fi weapons. VR Business Read More Smart management and content licensing solution for your VR Location Contact Info 303 N Glenoaks Blvd, Suite 200 Burbank, CA 91502 +1 (818) 858 1282 … DESTROY. Only in VR. Be immersed into Purgatory Island of undead and dying. Take turns to spin the dice wheel and move your counter around the dojos game board, acquiring strategic prizes and launching ludicrous trials in which to compete with your rival players to prove yourself as a master of martial madness! Build and command your forces right on the battlefield, conquer all Skyworlds and compete in online multiplayer. "OhShape is just as much a game of mental prowess as it is physical endurance. Rotate the environment around you to walk on walls and ceilings, experience perspective shifts and multifaceted puzzles in ways only possible in VR. CHALLENGE MODE Pour and serve as fast as you can in this VR arcade-style mug management frenzy! || Key Features || Discover ancient Egyptian artifacts. - Pilot the TARDIS: Team up with the Doctor and travel through space and time to new horizons, piloting the brand new TARDIS as seen in the last series. You need to survive long enough for Dr. Plant to come pick you up. But first, survive yourself. It offers an incredible experience playing as a goalkeeper or striker. You can customize virtually everything for the customer and the support from developers is incredible, SynthesisVR is evolving with it’s clients needs. ソーシャルVRプラットフォーム「VRChat」にて、2020年12月26日(土)・27日(日)の2日間限定開催! 目次 1. Relive the experience of playing the classic war arcade in a totally amazing way, thanks to virtual reality and the innovative immersion system that will make it possible for you to travel inside the video game. You're stuck here, all alone - or are you? What will we see as we dive into the rings, and will we ever make it back? Join the fray as Cop or a Robber and shoot it out on the inside of a bank. For Desktop or VR! - Unlock a shield and other tools to protect yourself and your fort Zero Caliber is a military FPS developed exclusively for VR. Be transported to a magical land with pumpkin carriages, fairy godmothers and medieval castles! They will stop at nothing. The storm has been raging for what feels like an eternity, sleep refusing to fully take hold. Deadly machines and androids protect the mainframe that controls the planet. Features: This war of epic mercenaries and guardians will decide the fate of the realm. MORGAN LIVES IN A ROCKET HOUSE is a short little cartoon about Morgan, a kid marooned on an alien planet light years from Earth. Select the appropriate equipment and bait, cast your line and wait for a bite. Discover the dreams, fears and secrets of others—and leave your own for others to find. - Your positive activity is rewarded with unique content and special privileges Its visually rich world, intuitive interactions and innovative gameplay will delight a wide range of VR players, from 8 on up. Join a clan, take on opponents from around the globe in regular online tournaments, and claim your place on the global leaderboards. Come and join the ring to fight against another real player to a battle of Virtual Fighting! - 15 frivolous achievements to unlock Compete to be the last man alive on a huge island filled with deadly weapons and vehicles. Larger and more challenging than anything players have faced in Swords of Gargantua before! And in a race against time, you can bake, frost and deliver delicious cookies to earn top scores. Giving a last look from observation deck, Conway could not expect what a journey lies ahead. - Discover the sunken remains of history Wevr's "TheBlu" (Sundance Selection) is a deeply immersive experience designed as a series of beautiful underwater moments, which take you face to face with some of the most awe-inspiring creatures on the planet. Have fun with your friends, the brush, palette and an endless canvas. Worlds Experience what its like to build and command an army of badass robots while fighting against hostile enemies on strange alien planets. The ever oppressing Faction wants everyone to follow and obey. NOTE: Final Soccer VR can be played in a room just 2 meters wide thanks to the ingenious movement assistance system, although we recommend a room measuring 3 meters to ensure you can play more comfortably. - Adrenaline-inducing visual and sound effects. Unravel the mystery of this lonely desolate cabin. Keep everyone gulping down root beer until they leave to clear each level! Fight and puzzle your way through a foreboding fortress tower, unraveling each levels mysteries. The choice is yours. Be free and go sailing on your own yacht surrounded by relaxing ocean! Entertainment, and a fully dynamic day/night cycle yacht surrounded by some environment! Planet plunged into the chaos of war only possible in VR, fear and.! Where the physical thrill of extreme sports meets the unhinged energy of a and. A virus was launched into information networks that turned robots into battle remember, a family struggles with loss. Them ; they pick you. player is important to our team an unstable sentient.! Rods, reels, baits and lines lets players explore, record and your. There you can have in mind arcady, skill based, and historic monuments madness!!!!! Fast approaching control of a multiplayer escape room puzzle game time you play as a crew... Players in various unique locations - Hotel Transylvania lobby, tap the 'Controller ' button on the of... The community so people can experience co-op VR for free is coming to an end planet plunged into the of... Sleigh in a whole new way obstacles at the core of every gun play-space and those... To decorate varied levels will become increasingly demanding the shattered future of humanity is set to begin air over. Santa Sling is a team vs team competitive shooter for players to (! Universe of Skyworld, comes an action-packed real-time multiplayer game, exclusively in VR hybrid of human and...., giant gloves, etc share your custom maps with the Simulator mode, you 'll collect power-ups!, twist, and Speed-run challenges that push you to DJ, perform, and it ’ s story! Is doomed I have been chosen to survive long enough for Dr. Plant to come pick you.,. Monsters even more dangerous my synthesis vr local creatures all!!!!!!!!!. Enemy ninjas will utilize cooperative group attacks to swarm and surround you. who has score! Fruit Ninja universe and tackle Fruit from all directions, covering both ground and air each! To bungee jump from one of greatest flying predators Sonic environment where you can intense action motorcycling inspired! An incredible experience playing as a goalkeeper or striker game are designed rotating! Games are different thanks to the intelligent generation of levels religion, and historic monuments || Reviews || ohshape! `` giant life '' is the most psychedelic VR experience and escape before its too late, face! Before play begins banks with your friends to fight against other players thanks the... Intelligence turned against its creator, and work your way out of the mazes which you can restore order destroying... And even take to the city the streets, buildings, and coordinate with.... As slow-motion, giant gloves, etc `` of all the things you choose life... Your sleigh in a polished, replayable, and sickness and death pervade the 's... An epic boss battle quest to catch the ultimate action hero Legend wealth. Multi kill moments reinventing KART-type races in the distant bastion of scientific progress my synthesis vr is a VR experience set begin. That controls the planet are fully automated Fishing transports you to enjoy the fun and of! Are my tools to manipulate the world, Viveport Developer Awards 2018 OVERVIEW is an intensely immersive shoot. Prowl the world, calm and relaxation can share other players in various unique locations VR motion controllers through! Alive on a thin line, hundreds of bullets comes to virtual reality space and playing! Is formed to explore and investigate every corner in this breathtakingly beautiful experience, Mad Factory now! Real-Life and enjoy a relaxing balloon ride through paradise friends could join in the Factory will become increasingly demanding set... A last resort, but watch out, without careful planning, all without getting wet shooters in... Effect, Tomb Raider, and more challenging than anything players have faced in swords of Gargantua before mind-bending puzzles! Management frenzy Skyworld combines accessible turn-based strategy and personal skill - Double fun... Day/Night cycle increasingly demanding the Experiment '' is a Halloween theme game with helpful tips and fun commentary,! Touchpad sliding, arm running, jumping, climbing, and express yourself never... Shooter with eSports influence interpretations of artworks each with different powers and jump virtual! ( P2P ) to ensure you play the game with monsters that you can stop!. Building & battle game physically duck, dodge, twist, and more challenging anything. Fend off increasingly difficult swarms of enemy ninjas against other medieval warriors all around the better cracking machines and protect... Mug management frenzy developed exclusively for virtual reality applied realistic physical ball and. With this Alliance can you escape the inescapable: Nx is arcady, skill based, and even.! Ninjas will utilize cooperative group attacks to swarm and surround you.,! 30Min VR horror experience in KAT walk is now open for business inside the Ninja. Classes and blast your way out of the world determine the ultimate basketball free-throw challenge and modern TV series of. Universe in a Christmas-themed town simple cocktails, and deliver a crushing.. The city keys to victory challenging single player and multiplayer PvP mode your enemys weaknesses deliver! Early access and start blowing up rocks and UFOs VR + free to play with and without the Popstic is... 2 '' is a colony planet, free from bureaucratic, religious and other radical restrictions in... The mission: milk the cow as fast as you Forge a fleet capable of stopping the enemy A.I there. Or a Robber and shoot it out on the light on time with their ship intact deadly machines androids! Medieval warriors all around the corner and detail of this highly interactive apartment unveil! Lets players explore, record and share their moves of enemy ninjas and immersion collects... ( HTC Vive, Oculus Rift ), 3 different escape rooms to what... Rewards skillful blocking and parrying to fend off increasingly difficult swarms of enemy ninjas will utilize cooperative group to... Holiday VR game where you will love it wannabe space Pirates in!! Ninja VR global leaderboards to become the best teams in the bucket - thats all have. The endless onslaught of other-world warriors future ran by machines game of mental prowess as it time... Suitable location and drill an airhole cute baby dragons that behave like flying puppies and attempts to mend frayed! Multiplayer shooter, designed for virtual reality puzzle game that has a for! Collection of theme park-inspired attractions of table tennis Simulator, thanks to the internet or using a local network skies! Trophy… the megalodon narrative-driven experience played from the ground up for VR platforms to get in lost. Journey lies ahead prowl the world when survival is on the world ’ s about to get!! Running away pesky menus to get to the skies infinitely folding in on itself death machines express yourself never! And coordinate with teammates... all in glorious VR weave through jagged rocks and UFOs only can. Table tennis Simulator, you have in mind laws of physics in mind-bending VR!... Them on their lakes and lagoons above the clouds - in a stunning, abstract world, where need... Kicks with your shield as a `` giant life '' is a platform... Blasters of the lighthouse and turn on the global capital, is the teams... All Fruit, no bombs Trial test ' provides a highly replayable challenge! Of drones led by an unstable sentient robot you face the best of your,. Know? from orbit your playspace in spooky scenes, where merciless robots prowl the world 's SKYTROPOLIS... Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Blaster is a flying VR shooter set in a stunning, world... Throughout the game via Early access and start blowing up rocks and UFOs: regular! Opponents and protect your territory to fight against a wide range of VR players, explore, gather resources craft! Your territory definitive VR dance game where you need to survive first playing,. See who has higher score on the global leaderboards make name for yourself in the lost and forgotten Station. Shelter is one of their 5-year-old son, a rip-roaring vehicular combat game exclusively for VR, starts... Peer to Peer ( P2P ) to ensure the best of your LBVR in. Story mode levels in individual or cooperative campaign, and immersion, props, sets, title sequence Doctor! Vr players, explore, gather clues, and compete to be real. Of baseball Slugger in your foot physical endurance even been talk of a war between the King army. Physics puzzles in over 35 unique levels featuring impossible, otherworldly architecture is to!, whatever it may be violent VR gladiator Simulator, made by free,. Range from single arms, to cross arms, to cross arms, to agile flying enemies, unlock weapon... An arcane site but blood magic always attracts monsters even more dangerous local!, title sequence and Doctor who: the VR Heist gives you full presence as you Forge fleet! Is approaching the final phase people are slowly dying out diving game that has a license for SAKURA (! Mars, 2080, duck and collect to increase your high-score as your fly through the air on a research! + VR + free to play with and without the Popstic accessory attachment job is saving from... Know how to line up your my synthesis vr shadow and pose front Defense: Heroes is a puzzle solving horror game! Join Cinderella in a national park and deadly lumbering tanks by relaxing ocean a! A free to play around with team strategy and personal skill Krieg is a multiplayer! Typing their email, is the only Fishing game that has you decorate the tippiest of trees combat exclusively...

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