yellowfin croaker safe to eat

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Atlantic croaker have an abundant population. It is considered a very good eating fish. Eat 2 to 3 servings a week from the "Best Choices" list (OR 1 serving from the "Good Choices" list). Unfortunately, mercury can bioaccumulate in humans, which means that when we eat seafood with mercury, the toxic material stays in our body. The first issue focuses on fish contamination relative to screening values (SVs) for human fish consumption. Which Fish Are Safe to Eat for Minimal Mercury Contamination. This fish can grow to 22 inches and 5 pounds 11 ounces, but the photo specimen was 14 inches long and weighing 1 pound 3/4 oz. Enjoy these fish: Anchovies. The warning came after tests showed that those fish contain … Yellowfin tuna; Weakfish/seatrout; White croaker/Pacific croaker; See the full list from the FDA. Some fish caught from San Francisco Bay and the Ocean are not safe to eat, especially for women of child bearing age and children because of high mercury and PCB levels. Yellowfin Crokers are Safe to Eat Anglers can say that they taste better than … Did you know this? Expand signature. PHP:

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