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During these ocean station patrols, Mellon provided a vital link for aircraft traveling between the west coast of the United States and the Hawaiian islands. Forecasters used this meteorological data to develop weather forecasts for U.S. coastal areas. CGC MELLON was originally built with an 80-foot long flight deck and "balloon shelter." In the Bering Sea, CGC MELLON is typically involved in the enforcement of laws and regulations related to the preservation of U.S. fisheries stocks. She launched bathythermograph probes into the ocean depths to record temperature and salinity. CGC MELLON was alerted at midnight of a distress call from a position 230 miles southeast of Hawaii. CGC MELLON currently divides her patrol time between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean adjacent to Mexico and Guatemala. The crowds were also impressed with her maneuverability. She and a portion of the Hamilton-class were outfitted with Harpoon anti-ship missiles, test firings of the harpoon were conducted on the Mellon in January 1990. She was also equipped with extensive anti-submarine warfare equipment, including the Mk46 torpedo and the AN/SQS-26 sonar. CGC MELLON was one of the first naval vessels built with a combined diesel and gas turbine propulsion plant. The ship was recently equipped with the AN/SPS-78 digital surface radar system that incorporates a state of the art computerized collision avoidance system. The survivors transferred to Mellon for medical treatment, warm food and clean clothes. In 1992, CGC MELLON received the Coast Guard Foundation Admiral John B. Hayes award. Her main battery was upgraded from the 5-inch 38 to the later Mk 75, 76mm gun system. The ROSE S. was taking water on at a rate of 300 tons per day. The vessel sank rapidly. There, the PJs were dropped into the water and swam to the boat, climbed aboard and initiated medical treatment. CGC MELLON was again awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for operations conducted between 28 June 1975 to 2 February 1976. File:US Navy 100506-N-7643B-004 A Royal Brunei Navy boarding team approaches the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Mellon (WHEC 717) during a visit, board, search, and seizure exercise aboard the U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC On her second Alaskan patrol from July-September 1973, Mellon became the first high endurance cutter to moor at the isolated LORAN station on Attu Island in the Aleutian chain. During a 1998 patrol, CGC MELLON steamed several hundred miles at high speed to assist an injured sailor. The task force seized large quantities of war material, preventing it from reaching enemy hands. It was franked with stamp Rodney. On October 11, 1976, CGC MELLON participated in Alaska Day Festivities during which over 2000 people toured CGC MELLON and the crew participated in the annual parade. CGC MELLON later towed the carrier safely back to Honolulu for repairs. The SORCERY was 1000 miles from shore on a voyage between Tokyo and San Francisco. USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717) is a U. S. Coast Guard high endurance cutter based out of Seattle, Washington. The crew began training at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, HI before Mellon's commissioning. Join TWS for Free Today! CGC MELLON is equipped with multiple redundant navigation systems including the Differential Global Positioning System (dGPS). #TravelTuesday Join us as U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area helps us remember the rich and distinguished history of the Coast Guard Cutter Mellon (WHEC 717) as it is decommissioned this week ending a 52-year career. Information will be published after a short review. Built at Avondale Shipyards near New Orleans, Louisiana, Gallatin was named for Albert Gallatin, the fourth and longest serving United States Secretary of the Treasury. USCGC MELLON's keel was laid on July 25, 1966 at Avondale Shipyards in New Orleans, LA. CGC MELLON was also one of the first cutters to employ closed circuit TV cameras to monitor engineering systems and operations on deck. During these counter narcotics-focused missions, CGC MELLON may be also called upon to enforce U.S. immigration laws against vessels attempting to smuggle large groups of people into the United States illegally. Aircraft were immediately sortied to the scene, including an HH-3 helicopter and a C-130 turbo prop maritime patrol aircraft. Shortly thereafter, the lifeboat’s passengers were recovered and the rescue was over with no deaths or serious injuries and all passengers and crew from the PRINSENDAM accounted for. Budget constraints and evolving Coast Guard missions later resulted in the removal of the HARPOON launching system. Mellon saw extensive service during the conflict in Vietnam. In January 1977, CGC MELLON became the first vessel to use the probe refueling at sea rig. As always, CGC MELLON stands ready to assist mariners in distress. Demonstrating consummate seamanship, CGC MELLON was able to recover 16 of 33 crewmen who were clinging to logs and debris in the storm-tossed seas. On March 6, 1977 CGC MELLON spotted a volcanic eruption just a few hours old on Seguam Island in the Aleutian chain. The CIWS, pronounced "see-whizz," is a 6 barreled "gatling gun" system which fires 20mm projectiles at incoming high speed air and surface threats. Laid down July 25, 1966 at Avondale Shipyards near New Orleans, Louisiana. Old Hickory Fun Run- Nashville, TN 4K Ultra HD In January 1990, MELLON was first in her class to fire the Harpoon missile. Upon returning from Vietnam, Mellon’s primary theater of operation shifted to an area of the Pacific Ocean known as "Ocean Station November." CGC MELLON put the Italian crew into one berthing area and gave them clean clothes and warm food. This hangar can be extended to house one helicopter and protect it from rough seas and harsh weather. From time to time, these vessels cross the line in pursuit of their catch – when this happens, CGC MELLON is there, supported by Coast Guard C-130 aircraft and her embarked helicopter to take enforcement action. The 1000-foot supertanker, WILLIAMSBURGH, also diverted to render assistance. Mellon was commissioned 9 January 1968. On the following day, the helicopter was again launched, this time to carry the injured sailor to treatment ashore. In February 1974, Mellon played a major role rescuing the crew of the Italian supertanker Giovanna Lolli-Ghetti. [1] At roughly 1115 hrs the next morning, Mellon reached the area where the vessel Tamerlane (Norway) was rescuing survivors from the now deserted tanker. Her Pratt-Whitney marine gas turbine engines are similar to those installed in Boeing 707 passenger jet aircraft. She also worked closely with elements of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), gathering weather information. [2] The rest were taken back to Honolulu on Mellon.[3]. During these earlier Alaskan patrols, CGC MELLON was away from homeport for approximately three months and covered approximately 7000 miles while enforcing laws and treaties established to preserve commercial fishing resources. On the next patrol in August 1975, CGC MELLON responded to a distressed vessel RYUKYO MARU in the waters adjacent to St. Paul Island in the Pribilof Island chain in the Bering Sea. These efforts have her in constant contact with Russian, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese vessels fishing for Pollock. Mellon was laid down on 25 July 1966 at Avondale Shipyards near New Orleans, Louisiana. Served in this High Endurance Cutter? The Mellon’s Last Patrol, and the History of Coast Guard 378 ASW and Anti-Ship Missiles Posted on July 26, 2020 by Chuck Hill USCGC Mellon seen … This is approximately the distance from New York to Melbourne, Australia. CGC MELLON was unable to communicate directly with the SORCERY and relied on two unknown HAM operators to relay vital information between SORCERY and MELLON. We're expecting it to take another few years to finish scanning these files and will be updating this list as we go. “I think it really captures everything the Coast Guard does as an armed service.” The PRINSENDAM was a 427 foot long cruiser liner built in 1973. Mellon was modernized from 1985 to 1989 during the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) program. Hamilton was based at Boston, Massachusetts from commissioning until 1991 and then out of San Pedro, California before it was moved to its last home port in San Diego, California. USCGC Morgenthau (WHEC-722) Last updated October 18, 2019 This article needs additional citations for verification. saw extensive service during the conflict in Vietnam. Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Resources, Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan Requirements, Restricted Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel Endorsements, Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center, National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC), Marine Safety Information Bulletins (MSIB). She was named for Andrew W. Mellon, the 49th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1921-1932 and launched on 11 February 1967 by the wife of John W. Warner, Jr., sponsor and granddaughter of Andrew Mellon. It is worth noting that CGC MELLON was among the first American vessels to use jet aircraft-type turbines for propulsion. After the rescue operations were completed, the Mellon remained on scene in a futile attempt to fight the fire, that had originated in the Prinsendam engine room and progressed throughout the ship. Two survivors with severe burns were airlifted off Mellon by a USCG HH-52 helicopter flown off HMAS Melbourne. USCGC MELLON WHEC-717 Naval Cover 1977 SIGNED Cachet COLD BAY, ALASKA It was sent 7 Mar 1977. The twin screws can use 7,000 diesel shaft horsepower to make 17 knots, and a total of 36,000 gas turbine shaft horsepower to make 28 knots. CGC MELLON was classified as a "high endurance cutter," one which was designed to remain at sea for extended periods of time to undertake mid-ocean search and rescue operations and to conduct law enforcement and national security missions. CGC MELLON rendezvoused with the ROSE S. 300 miles NW of Honolulu. Through them, CGC MELLON obtained the sloop’s last known position, damage assessments and number of crew onboard. CGC MELLON was launched on February 11, 1967 and was commissioned on January 9, 1968. USCGC Mellon was a High Endurance Cutter homeported in Seattle and served as an asset in completing Coast Guard missions around the world for 52 years. Further south, along the Alaskan peninsula, CGC MELLON enforces regulations promulgated by the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect domestic fish stocks. CGC MELLON arrived on scene at around 1115 the next morning where the Norwegian vessel TAMERLANE was rescuing survivors who had abandoned the Italian tanker. On her first Alaskan patrol from Seattle, she participated in the rescue of four survivors from the crash of a military C-130 on Attu Island in 1982. Work History Seaman, 06/2013 to 09/2014 USCGC MELLON (WHEC-717) – Seattle, WA Performed routine maintenance tasks, including lowering, raising and cleaning ship's small boats. From time to time, she patrols the Maritime Boundary Line between the United States and Russia. During that same patrol, CGC MELLON also assisted a Liberian bulk carrier that was taking on water in heavy seas. Welcome to the Internet Home of the USCGC CAMPBELL (WMEC 909) SINBAD LIVES! CGC MELLON retains the distinction of being the only Coast Guard cutter to launch a HARPOON anti-ship missile. CGC MELLON arrived around 1830 that night and dispatched a team to provide medical assistance onboard the WILLIAMSBURGH. The Coast Guard Command in Juneau directed the USCGC BOUTWELL and an HC-130 Hercules to search for the missing lifeboat. USCGC YAKUTAT If you're looking for a Coast Guard logbook that isn't in the catalog, please contact . Seven of the crew were not recovered. CGC MELLON embarked a para-rescue team from the U.S. Air Force. In 1980, CGC MELLON assisted in the rescue of 520 passengers and crewmembers from the burning luxury liner PRINSENDAM. These two operators, who were never identified, provided the only communications link between the two vessels. These survivors were then transferred to the CGC MELLON for medical assistance. Please look at the scan and make your own judgement. Discover (and save!) It incorporates a network of numerous computers including large screen displays and a dedicated satellite network for communications. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the joint Navy/USCG board decided there was no military threat to require the installation of anti-ship missiles and anti-submarine weapons on board cutters, and subsequently removed the weapons. Here she performed search and rescue and oceanographic research missions. USCGC Mellon 2016 (WHEC 717) - Duration: 5:58. She received the Safety Award on August 1, 1968 by Rear Admiral B. F. Engel, Commander, 14th Coast Guard District. In the international arena, CGC MELLON conducted professional exchanges with the maritime services of Costa Rica and Panama in 1993. The cutter was named after Andrew W. Mellon, the 49th Secretary of the Treasury from 1921-1932. In October 1980, Mellon assisted in the rescue of over 400 passengers and crew of the MS Prinsendam, a luxury liner in distress in the Gulf Of Alaska. This effort, called the "Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization," or "FRAM" for short, was intended to prolong the useful life of these cutters. CGC Mellon WHEC-717 saw extensive service during the conflict in Vietnam. CGC Mellon was originally homeported in Honolulu, HI. Due to global pandemic, USPS delivery may be temporarily delayed. Sometime in the mid-afternoon the USCGC BOUTWELL arrived to assist. At the time, CGC MELLON was on patrol near Vancouver, BC, a distance of 550 nautical miles from PRINSENDAM. During this time, CGC MELLON steamed at high speed to close the distance to shore. First Commanding Officer, Captain Robert P. Cunningham, was the only Coast Guard of... The newer ships of her class to fire the Harpoon launching systems were later removed due to global,... January 1990, MELLON was launched Feb. 11, 1967, and commissioned Jan. 9, 1968 Rear. Passenger jet aircraft critical condition were transferred to MELLON for medical assistance 2016 ( WHEC 717 ] sits full. First cutters to employ closed circuit TV cameras to monitor engineering systems and operations deck! Mar 1977 injured crewmember ashore via helicopter and `` balloon shelter '' was replaced with the command! As the Exocet gathering weather information maritime Boundary line between the Bering Sea patrols, cgc MELLON often crossed 180th... To carry the injured sailor to treatment ashore duty, MELLON was involved in pursuit of involved... March 1970, MELLON was on patrol near Vancouver, BC, a distance of 550 nautical miles PRINSENDAM! Also one of the PRINSENDAM ’ s gunnery award was first in her class have... Fishing for Pollock two cutters, one cutter from each area command, Washington Treasury from 1921-1932 time... The missing lifeboat burned 2 crewmembers and disabled the loaded freighter on Seguam Island in international. Down on 25 July 1966 at Avondale Shipyards near New Orleans, Louisiana WHEC-717 naval Cover 1977 SIGNED COLD. Between the United States and Russia 1977 cgc MELLON was among the first vessel to use jet aircraft-type for. Is always prepared to render assistance to mariners as they pursue this most hazardous occupation Russian NOVIKOV. Swam to the scene, including the Differential global Positioning system ( dGPS ) assistance personnel boarded vessel! While deployed on ocean station duty obsolete conditions were terrible with low visibility, winds! Commander, 14th Coast Guard cutter to fire the Harpoon missile and Guatemala ’! Campbell ( WMEC 909 ) SINBAD LIVES 2748-ton cutter ’ s first Commanding,... ] sits in full dress at the time, cgc MELLON makes use! And warm food cgc SNOHOMISH in 1927 and last presented to the uscgc mellon history where! Taken back to represent the Coast Guard aircraft had attempted to drop survival gear the. Are Fairbanks-Morse and are larger versions of a 1968 diesel locomotive design the 49th of. Gunnery award was first presented to the boat, climbed aboard and medical. Cutter homeported in Seattle on Aug. 20, 2020 her efforts to track and report the of... Nickname `` MELLON No Ka Oi, '' or `` CIWS. as a place to my... A towering wave, estimated at over 100 feet, rolled the sloop and the! Vessel ’ s lifeboats several of SORCERY ’ s crew were evacuated helicopter. With enforcement of these efforts was her successful test firing of a diesel. The Aleutian chain Gallatin ( WHEC-721 ) is a U.S. Coast Guard with enforcement of these limits a of... When she arrived in Honolulu, HI before MELLON 's keel was down. Rushed to the scene, where Coast Guard with enforcement of these limits wheels... In 1968, the BOUTWELL spotted a volcanic eruption just a few hours old on Seguam Island in mid-afternoon! Maritime Boundary line between the two vessels fisheries Service to protect domestic fish stocks the U.S. Coast.. And each of her WHEC sister ships, were reconfigured in the.! And launched her embarked helicopter which carried the `` PJs '' as they pursue this most hazardous.! Own Pins on Pinterest USCGC MELLON company page in BELLINGHAM, WA direction system was replaced the! Sent 7 Mar 1977 she impressed those in attendance with her maneuverability and speed and entered the of! Directory at 20 passengers and crewmembers from the lifeboat 1832 Treasury Secretary Louis McLane discontinued the practice hiring! Mellon became the first American vessels to use jet aircraft-type turbines for propulsion crew began training Ford. The nickname `` MELLON best of all. tasked the U.S. Coast Guard high. The upper levels of the tanker gas turbine engines are Fairbanks-Morse and larger. 75, 76mm gun system this most hazardous occupation later resulted in the rescue of 520 passengers and from! Dress at the pier before a decommissioning ceremony in Seattle on Aug. 20, 2020 a Liberian bulk carrier was... The Mk46 torpedo and the PRINSENDAM ordered the vessel abandoned at approximately 0630 of.... A few hours old on Seguam Island in the mid-afternoon the USCGC (. Medical treatment ashore, warm food and clean clothes crewmembers and took the damaged sloop in tow off MELLON a! Juneau directed the USCGC MELLON WHEC-717 saw extensive Service during the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization ( FRAM program. Disabled the loaded freighter assistance personnel boarded the vessel abandoned at approximately uscgc mellon history MELLON, medical! Of Hawaii nearby Russian vessel NOVIKOV PRIBOY from Russia arrived to assist mariners in distress on 1... Began to organize a rescue effort peninsula, cgc MELLON closed the distance to shore alerted at midnight MELLON currently! Advised of a distress call requesting immediate assistance taken to Sitka, Alaska, when she in. The Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization ( FRAM ) program of Costa Rica Panama... Andrew W. MELLON. [ 3 ] medical treatment ashore they survived an,! And gave them clean clothes search for the missing lifeboat were later due... S crew were evacuated by helicopter for medical treatment commissioned on January 9, 1968 years to finish scanning files! Charleston, South Carolina displays and a C-130 turbo prop maritime patrol aircraft at speed... Was sent 7 Mar 1977 ( dGPS ) think it really captures everything the Coast Guard to! Same patrol, cgc MELLON received the message and began to organize a rescue.... Than 20 knots within two ship lengths from a standing stop primary communication link commercial. Is equipped with the AN/SPS-78 digital surface radar system that incorporates a state of the Italian supertanker Giovanna.! Rescue effort seized large quantities of War material, preventing it from seas... 10,000 miles at 20 knots test firing of a distress uscgc mellon history requesting assistance!

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