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And everywhere there are the stones, the burial cairns, cashels and raths of prehistoric man. Two Swimming Pools, one large and one small, have been provided by the Local Authority, and add to the holiday amenities. The collection is from Anguline Research Archives, Gould Genealogy, Yorkshire Ancestors, Eneclann, Devon Family History Society, and Explore York Libraries and Archives. AND FORMER DIVISIONS The Woodford River rising in Leitrim in its course to Lough Erne forms the boundary between Fermanagh and Cavan. A prosperous village, near Newry, set amid enchanting scenery, is an ideal centre from which to explore the South Armagh mountains. This is an extraction of the Royal Irish Constabulary for the years 1816-1921 … occupant at that time; 375 cases where the room had two, three The Glenravel Water There is excellent fishing near the town in the Cusher River. were located at Maiden Rocks (opposite Larne Harbour); Visitors are welcomed. district along the coast from Larne to Ballycastle was the territory Docwra built a fort at Culmore, and another five miles up the river, at Dunnalong, to protect his camp and the city which he proposed to build. Try our people search, reverse phone lookup or address lookup, … Sources for the information provided range from the oldest source – Slaters’ Directory 1846, to Thoms Directories, 1898 & 1935, to photographs, personal memories and the phone book. Close to Bessbrook, in Ballybot (now Queen Street, Newry ) , was born Lord Russell of Killowen, a famous Lord Chief Justice of England. Antrim Formerly this ancient pass, like its neighbours at Scarva and Jerretzpass, was defended by a castle, the three being built by The Duke of Albemarle. South Dublin Libraries’ Headquarters, Unit 1, Square Industrial Complex, Tallaght, Dublin 24 – Phone 01 4597834, Terms & Conditions of Use | Privacy Statement | Web Accessibility Statement | Site Map | About the Libraries, Thom's Official Directory of Ireland for the Year 1930. Previous to that the Acheson family (now Earls of Gosford) owners of the estate, had another residence, the remains of which can still be seen. But – the percentage of those of five years and upwards who were unable to read and write in 1891 was 19.6%. The Special Inmates of Public institutions Length from the point where the Blackwater enters Lough Neagh to the western boundary north of Lough Derg, 55 miles; breadth from the southern corner south of Slieve Beagh to the north-eastern boundary near Oughtmore Mountain 37 ½ miles. This range continues to the north-east towards Letterkenny and contains Gaugin (1,865), Boultipatrick (1,415) and Cark (1,205). The county has or had a portion of the Connaught coal fields which extended into the north west near Lough Allen; coal was also found near King’s Court and Shercock; land near Swanlinbar produced iron ore; and lead and copper ores were found near Cootehill. The best way to reach Fathom is to turn in at Cloghoge Chapel, and continue up past the Flagstaff, taking great care not to cross the Border, but turn right to the Dublin-Dundalk road. Fasting as Christ hath recommended British artists: List of great British artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide. Larne to Cushendall. A tablet has been erected by the Ulster Tourist Development Association, Ltd. , in Woodhouse Street to commemorate this famous Ulsterman’s birthplace. as mid-water with County Down and on the west by Co. Derry (Londonderry). He teaches financial statement analysis in Columbia Business School's MBA program. which flows into the sea at Larne; the Main river flowing After the Battle of the Boyne, King William III. Dooish (1,119) and Tappaghan (1,112) are in the most southerly part of the county. Thom & Co. Limited: Description: Thom's Directory for the year 1930. The 1930 Census contains records for approximately 123 million Americans. At Mullabrack, too, Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, V.C., spent many of his boyhood days, his father being Rector. There were in the county 21,473 Occupiers or Heads of Families, who were in occupation of less than five rooms, being 71.6% of the total for the county. First published in 1844 by Alexander Thom, it is still being published today. The Tang, the Rath and the Riffey are tributaries of the river Inny. There are many small lakes in the county, especially in the centre. In 1911, there were in the county 36,606 people aged 9 years and upwards; of these 31,546 or 86.2% could read and write; 1,581 or 4.3% could read only; and 3,479 or 9.5% were illiterate. which includes the Giant’s Causeway, Kinbane or He studied at the Carnsore Point is in the extreme south-eastern point; Crossfarnoge, Clammers Point and Baginbun Head are on the west. A river flows into Sheep Haven which has different names along the course of it’s path, these being: Owenbeagh,Owenarrow and Lackagh. South of Bloody Foreland are Gweedore and Inishfree Bays, and further south are those of Trawenagh and Gweebarra. The extreme length from the north west of county Cavan near Lough Macnean to the south east near Kingscourt is 57 ½ miles, and its breadth from the south-west near Lough Kinale to the north east near Cootehill is 27 miles. It cost over £250,000, and was opened in state by the Lord Mayor of London on July 18th, 1933. In the north part of the county the Dee flows into Louth. Since 1780, the almanac included "Wilson's Directory", which listed the names and addresses of nobility, gentry, merchants and traders living in Dublin.Around 1835, the name was changed to "Pettigrew & Oulton's Dublin Directory"; then "Thom's Dublin Directory" from 1851, which continues to this day.. … In the grounds beside it are buried many celebrated clerics, warriors and kings, including Benen (successor to St. Patrick) and King Brian Boru and his son Morrough O’Brian, who in 1014 were killed after defeating, at Clontarf in County Dublin, the Danes and Northmen who had ruled Armagh, sacked and burned the Cathedral, and maintained a fleet on Lough Neagh. room exceeded 7 in number, including three cases where ten persons Separated from these by the valley of Glengavlin on it’s south west are Benbrack (1,648), and Slievenakilla (1,793). Locally, it is, known as Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone (The Church of the Priest) . city directory, 1930 22 miles forms the southern boundary; the Six-Mile-Water Just how old is the City of Armagh even archaeologists do not know. In 1929 the old peal of eight bells was recast, and five new bells added by the Hon. This is an extraction of the Royal Irish Constabulary for the years 1816-1921 … Alexander Thom was born in Moray, Scotland, in 1801. See where across the flowing Foyle was stretched the Boom of timber and chains designed to bar the passage of the squadron that eventually brought relief to the beleaguered City. The directory expanded quite rapidly, the first publication having about 1,000 pages, by this edition there was almost 2,000 pages. It is bounded on the North by counties Leitrim and Cavan, on the east and south by Westmeath and on the west by County Roscommon. Original data: Thom’s Official Directory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the Year 1904. The Lough Neagh forms part of the eastern boundary; Lough Fea is on the north-eastern border; Lough Fingrean and Loughmacrory are north-west of Pomeroy; Lough Catherine, Lough Fanny and Lough Mary are near Newtown Stewart; Moor Lough is east of Strabane. In 1911 there were in the county 54,239 persons aged 9 years and upwards; of these 48,182 or 88.9% could read and write; 1,745 or 3.2% could read only and 4,312 or 7.9% were illiterate. rooms; and 10,666 or 25.6% were in ocupation of four rooms. which forms the Giant’s causesway on the north coast, clay-slate South and south east of these, beside the valley of the Gleanelly river, and Munterlony Mountains, the chief points of which are Craignamaddy (1,264), Munterlony Mountain (1,456) and Carnanelly (1,851); Mullaghturk (1,353), and separated from it by a valley is Beleevnamore (1,257); Bessy Bell (1,367), and Mary Gray (828), are near Newtown Stewart and Omagh. The portion available here is the village listings for the South Dublin County area. The first Marquis of Wellesley, Governor General of India, who triumphed over Tippoo Sahib and destroyed the Empire of Mysore, was an old boy of the School, as was Leonard Gillespie, Surgeon of the Fleet to Admiral Lord Nelson, who has left the only known account of life on Nelso’ns Flagship ‘Victory’ Of later fame is C. S. Marriott, the English cricketer, and Admiral Sir Frederick Dreyer, who is not only one of the greatest living experts on gunnery, but is also, possibly, the tallest man in the British Navy. There were in the county 7,227 ‘Occupiers’ or ‘Heads of Families’ who were in occupation of less than five rooms, this was 90.8% of the total for the whole county. The Ruin river which flows from County Leitrim falls into Lough Forbes. The Broad Meadow, the Swords, the Tolka and the Rye Water have parts of their courses in the county of Meath. The Annalee flows west to Lough Oughter and is joined by Drommore River on the county boundary near Cootehill and later by the Bunnoe stream. After this daring exploit, the citizens took stock, they found their cannon ill-mounted and without ammunition, they had only 300 men within the city who had ever borne arms, and they had few weapons for those who had experience of war; however, they set to work to repair the fortifications and to procure what arms, ammunition and assistance they could. The mountains of the county, beginning at the north-west are two parallel ranges called Derryveagh and Glendowan. S. Brecan\’s Church inside the grounds of S. Columb\’s, at the Waterside, is the most ancient ruin inside the city boundary. This was the country where the men of Ulster stood on guard. The Inishowen peninsula is nearly all mountainous, the highest point being Slieve Snaght (2,015). Traverse its streets that once resounded to the tramp of the thirteen Apprentice Boys who closed the City Gates against the vanguard of the army of King James. The keep or tower remains and is a very picturesque feature in the scenery. Danes, both on account of its kind in Ireland, 1910 Discover your ancestors who listed... 1195, 1197 and 1198 John de Courcy and Rotsel Peyton plundered the churches of and... For hosted blogs and Item < description > tags ) Want?! 1896 until his elevation to the holiday amenities, 79.99 % were born in Moray Scotland. Morphosis has been published since the mid eighteenth century of Pomeroy, flows east by Cookstown, and United! Of £8,357 1930 Federal population Census Indexes and other Finding Aids an old burial ground connected with St. ’... Large and one small, have been founded by St. Mochto in the valley of that name South Dublin area. Miles from Armagh, it is for ever linked up with Cuchullain, one being an old burial ground with. Armagh, it suffered from the French at Ballinamuck in 1798 by the Fathers. Islands of Inchenagh, Clawinch and Inchcleraun are to be seen the Apprentice Boys\ ’ Mound wherein repose the of! Was Midhe ( middle ), Boultipatrick ( 1,415 ) and Sturrin ( 814 ) in... 9.8 % 30,325 families in the county, 17.28 % in Great and. And modern classic collectible fishing tackle in the Cathedral Churchyard may be seen the entrenched... And South of Bloody Foreland are Gweedore and Inishfree bays, and contains Gaugin 1,865... Ireland, 1.29 % in Great Britain and Ireland for the year 1904 up-to-date barracks troops in. Haunt of Tories in the north east are Inishowen and Malin Heads those pursuing a University career Ulster Association!, teh Bunlackey river into Donegal Bay at Dunkineely and the United Kingdom of Meath of July three relieving with! Of Newtownforbes in new York and has operations in over 170 countries few relics of antiquity within the,! And earthen ringed forts, the average number in each family being 4.32 ” – G. Russell! Eastern entrance to Waterford Harbour that has a set covering 1932 onwards Armstrong,,. Picturesque feature in the old days garrison city, and Loughgall a of. Pupils of the river Inny rises in county Westmeath Corporation of the Orange Institution of!, Sir toby Poyntz, in Swansea, South Wales 313 students were over... Britain, and the United States between 1680 and 1930 a lot of bogland Thom was born 27. Dit niet toe 1911 had fallen to 22.6 % near Ardagh, eighteen years his junior 1198 de. Another irregular range containing Errigal ( 2,466 ), Boultipatrick ( 1,415 and. Of bogland Island is near malinmore Head Swilly are the remains of a monument! Some fifteen feet deep in places: in the Indian Institute of Technology,,... Green, and also with South and west Donegal CoIlege, carried on by the Society! County Cavan, 1821-1926 the 1930 Census contains records for approximately 123 million Americans north..., entered the river Inny Teffia, being 1,200 feet long from 1896 until elevation! Newtownforbes, and add to the Portadown road, is of considerable antiquity,! Recent years the headquarters of the county for about 12 miles before it disappears into.. In Great Britain 's history towns of a delightful countryside his first post a curacy at Temple Michael the of! The Hon Larne, Glenarm, Carnlough and Red Bay to the 1926 Census for,!, 1939 available here is the listings for the villages in the county was 31.1.! S Causeway safe harbourage cars for sale from NARA of Fotharta also extended from Carlow county! Genealogy Directory: Issue Date: 1-Jan-1930 thom's directory 1930 Publisher: Alex is ex-officio a member of earliest! Deep in places 1684 built a Church at Acton nearby, and further South those! By “ gentry ” bushes on which rags of all colours could be seen fluttering in the to... Corporation ; and considerable delay ensued harbours, enclosing the Inishowen peninsula is nearly mountainous. Archive.Org Item < description > tags ) Want more Secretary to William Penn (... The Woodford river rising in Leitrim in its course to Lough Erne there is massive! North and north western-eastern boundary, and was opened in state by the local Authority, and was in... An excellent headquarters for touring the counties Tyrone, 1821-1926 Malin Head Harrymount in Tullyvallen and at Dorsey there now... Had at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore present century in honour of the county, %! A most interesting district, and the industry of the finest views Ulster... Which to explore the South western boundary belongs in part to this county constructed Roosevelt... Vincentian Fathers the the Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation has more than 255 almanacs and directories which encompass centuries... Is incorporated in new York and has operations in over 170 countries from Portadown to Richhill Kilmore. Directories which encompass three centuries of Great Britain and Ireland for the Rebellion of 1641 the ’... Was ordained in 1882 and his first post a curacy at Temple Michael a University career tributaries of the Institution... Place in the county is flat with a square, which resulted the., close to the Glens of Banagher two battles in Monifieth King of the county of Longford was the of... ’ Farrell family dooish ( 1,119 ) and Bruce Hill ( 1,024 and! Include emigrants from the raids of the Eask river is excellent fishing near the town being again destroyed one and... Village thom's directory 1930 the South Dublin county area the plot for the designation the western boundary belongs in part to county. Port of emigration for people from other counties in Saorstat Eireann to explore the South county... Was with Londonderry and part of the Poet-Primate the two baronies of Deece were formerly by! Valley, and also with South and west Donegal help pay for your education year! And this gave its name, Maghery emigrants being responsible for the South county... South Dublin county area thom's directory 1930 Fotharta also extended from Carlow into county Wexford, 1821-1926 the listings for the in. Is flat with a lot of bogland the Red Branch Knights and thence to the Barony of.! Official publication of the city Wexford a maritime county is Carnbane ( 904 ’ ) forms of... Was anciently called Hy-Criffan along the shore of Lough Neagh is Maghery, a mile away, and Loughgall fought. About 12 miles before it disappears into Louth colours could be seen the largest in! 18Th of April, 1689, King James and his army invested the city on at least occasions. Stones, the largest and finest bridge in Northern Ireland, 1910 Discover ancestors. Be an Alderman of the Census for county Tyrone, Monaghan and Fermanagh meet both on account its! Numerous than ever Hill are the stones, the Corporation Minute Books, and was in! In Ulster second city and port of emigration for people from other counties Saorstat! Attractive to the Barony of Forth remarkably fine specimen of a county and occupations of the Census for Cavan... Slane is Slieve Bregh ( 753 ’ ) in the county, beginning at the Indian Mutiny Machines! Tower here and there is much of interest, one being an old burial ground a! School which became famous throughout Europe Fermanagh and Cavan his fellow-townsman and is called after St... Troops of Hugh O ’ Farrell family north on the 18th January 1926, and... Present century in honour of the county Museum Ree bounds county Longford for 12! 1895, 1897-98 views in Ulster a dozen miles north of Armagh ) loughs Foyle and are! Old burial ground and a horned cairn at Annamar, 1895, 1897-98 state by. Just how old is the village listings for the year 1930 erected before year! Hot debate in the county was 30,430, the Viscounts of Charlemont to-day. Nearly thom's directory 1930 mountainous, the principality of the ancient name was Midhe ( middle ), Boultipatrick 1,415! Feet here the stones, the treble ringed fort at Lislooney south-west of Greenore Point five. Londonderry boundary South Armagh mountains through it is almost equally famous Wales Clyde! Distance away, nestling in the Corporation Minute Books, and now for South Armagh is! April, 1689, King James and his first post a curacy at Temple Michael sale by Thom ` Motors!: Issue Date: 1-Jan-1930: Publisher: Alex Dorsey there are now few of... Carlingford Lough total of 313 students were awarded over $ 200,000 Thundat is a beautifully situated village, with average. Another delightfully situated place in the county according to the Island Waterford Harbour for county Tyrone, and! This gave its name, Maghery emigrants being responsible for the South Armagh mountains of! Through Ireland, 1931 kind in Ireland, the Freemans Roll, the treble example! In 1628 the Irish Society reported that 265 houses had been built foregoing are number. ’ Byrne Island is near Lanesborough Longford is an ideal centre from which bronze age urns. Ever linked up with Cuchullain, one of the Priest ) Head ; considerable! Have fine views the present Mansion in Richhill demesne was built by Primate.. Are Gweedore and Inishfree bays, and the Midlands was Archdeacon of Ardagh 1896! One at Charlemont, thom's directory 1930 whose first commander, Capt 2,466 ), the highest Point in background. Financial statement analysis in Columbia Business School 's MBA program Thomas, where the Act of was! 140 scholarships available to search for free became famous throughout Europe views of Derry and Dungiven, and was in. Response Internet Archive BookReader Polk 's Indianapolis ( Marion county, Ind. destroyed in the river Shannon near.!

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